Sports Vision Pros Academy (SVP Academy) focuses on educating anyone interested in how vision is integral to sports and performance.

Our Academy is designed for Sports Medicine Personnel, Coaches, Athletes, Parents...anyone. We are inclusive with an interprofessional focus on the athlete.

Our courses range from free basic courses to more advanced courses.  

Basic Courses
Most of our basic courses are free to SVP Members (Membership is free, click here to find out more). These course are designed for coaches, everyday athletes,  and parents who do not have a background in medicine or Sports Vision. 

Intermediate Courses [Coming Soon]
These courses are intended for people who have some background in sports and/or medicine. These courses are designed to help you begin to incorporate sports vision into your practice and training.

Advanced & Certification Courses
These courses are designed for people who already have advanced clinical training (e.g., doctors, therapists, nurses, ATCs) and/or advanced sports training. These courses will introduce concepts of sports vision as well help sports vision experts continue to advance and grow their skills.

See An Eye Care Provider Today!

Please note that these courses are intended to help you build your understanding of sports vision.  It is NOT intended as medical advice or replace visits to an eye doctor. ALL athletes should regularly visit an eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam, visual assessments and visual training to maximize their visual performance and safety.

For more information on how to find a local sports vision professional, please visit SVPros' Find an Eye Doctor.